Living the 5 Secrets to Lasting Love

A Workshop for Modern-Day Couples Based on Age-Old Wisdom

** Next Workshop: July 10 @ 2pm Eastern **

We all know the words: “Love is patient, love is kind; love does not envy, does not boast, is not proud…” Maybe we even had them read aloud at our wedding. We went into our marriages fully intending to enjoy the rich rewards of life-long love. But in our fast-paced and often stressful lives, how do we keep that love vibrantly alive, day in and day out, for years on end?

Led by clinical therapist and marriage coach Ana Gabriel Mann and her husband, New York Times bestselling author John David Mann, Living the 5 Secrets is an interactive workshop, for couples and singles alike, based on their book, The Go-Giver Marriage.

“Falling in love is easy. Staying in love? That’s the tricky part. John and Ana have written a beautiful tribute to the joys and challenges of marriage. This is a book that couples will come back to again and again.” — Harville Hendrix PhD & Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD, NYT bestselling coauthors of Getting the Love You Want

Steeped in age-old wisdom and modern developmental theory, and expressed through simple actions and mindsets that you can practice in just minutes a day, the “5 Secrets” can create a powerfully positive shift in your relationship—even if only one member of the couple is fully on board.

  • A live interactive training, via Zoom, you can view from home or in a group setting.
  • The 5 Secrets: what they are, why they work, and how to implement them.
  • The 5 Toxic Behaviors: what they are, how they can destroy your marriage, and how to eliminate them!
  • Skills-based, conversational, with a focus on the positive—this is not group therapy.
  • Learn how to wake up a renewed intimacy, romance, and deep friendship.
  • Learn how to thrive during “for better or for worse.”
  • Shift your focus from keeping a scorecard to making daily deposits in your love bank.

Who is Living the 5 Secrets to Lasting Love designed for?

  • For couples of all ages, from newlyweds to decades-long marrieds.
  • Excellent for singles and engaged couples.
  • For those who would like to heal their tired or wounded marriage.

“After taking the 5 Secrets course, our men’s group decided to hold each other accountable for practicing the 5 Secrets in our marriages. Every day I get texts from the men I know and trust, encouraging me and holding me to my commitment to give more to my beautiful wife—this has been an incredible journey with amazing benefits.”— Chris L.

“This was a high-impact workshop for me, filled with wisdom and insights. (And sometimes tears, so have some tissues handy!) I’m telling every couple in my circle of friends about this training!” — John S.

“We’re planning on getting married soon, and we’re grateful we found the book and workshop before our big day! John and Ana did an amazing job providing us with an even deeper understanding of the 5 Secrets, and the workshop has already made a world of difference in our relationship.” — R.H.

“Thank you for such a beautiful workshop; it’s been resonating all week. Participants spoke candidly in the safe space John and Ana created, which further enriched the experience. I enjoyed this session so much I may come back and attend more.” — M.T.

 Workshops are live, via Zoom and last approx. 2½ hours
$69 per participant for 10–30 people (for larger groups, contact us)
Next workshop: July 10, 2022, at 2pm Eastern

The Go-Giver Marriage Coaches Program

Are you a personal coach or thinking of becoming one?

John David and Ana Gabriel Mann’s Go-Giver Marriage Coaches training and certification program will train you in the art of coaching and mentoring individuals who want to improve their marriage.

As a certified Go-Giver Marriage Coach, you will be licensed and trained to teach the 5 Secrets to Lasting Love™ and work with individuals to help them bring these skills to life in their own relationships. You will also learn the essentials of how to set up your own Go-Giver Marriage Coaching practice, or add the 5 Secrets skill set to your existing coaching, counseling, or mentoring practice.

This program is designed for individuals, coaches, clergy, mentors, and all who seek to help build a world of lasting love.

Programs will commence in the fall of 2022. To be notified when details become available, email

Personal Coaching

For individuals who want to improve their marriages and keep the love alive. By appointment. To book a session directly with Ana click here, or email us for more information: